Posted on Jul 9, 2020

The Immigration People

Why apply for Singapore Citizenship?
Travel freedom. Few travel restrictions around the world.
Benefits buying property in Singapore
• Buy new flats from HDB
• Enjoy housing grants to finance flat purchase
• Enjoy subsidies when homes undergo various upgrading programmes

Housing Restrictions for PRs
Singapore PR can only buy HDB resale flats, provided they had PR for at least 3 years.
PR flat owners are not allowed to rent out their flat.

Commonly Asked Questions
1. What's my chances of approval?
You are assessed by factors like professional achievement, social integration, family ties, investments, among others.
2. How long does it take to be approved?
Most clients receive the outcome between 12–24 months.
3. When should I give up my existing Citizenship?
If your application is successful, you must complete the Singapore Citizenship Journey within 2 months. You will then renounce your prior citizenship at the embassy of your country.
4. Must I sell my overseas properties?
This depends on the laws of the respective countries. We recommend you speak to your property agent. As a Singapore citizen, you can own overseas properties. If you purchase HDB flats, you cannot own properties overseas or locally.
5. What are the steps to complete formalities? It is tedious.
We are here to handhold you through your entire Citizenship journey, including the completion of formalities with ICA upon approval.
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