Posted on Jul 21, 2020

The Immigration People

Top Mistakes People Make In Choosing An Immigration Consultant
Pushy sales tactics may be used.
- Fluctuating fees according to applicant’s salary
- Sign up fast and get a discount
- Scripted sales pitch with sales kit

Some may claim “Over X % success rate!” This gimmick is hard to prove and bold claims can be conjured out of thin air. No 2 applicants are identical. There are differences among applicants in age, career, background, training, etc. The ICA evaluates each candidate holistically to see if it fits Singapore’ need.

It is important to compare prices before you decide on one. It does not mean that you should decide only based on price alone. If you simply choose the cheapest one, you could end up with one who will disappoint you.

Did not compare choices
You need to compare all the choices before you finalise your decision. Set up a consultation. Ask some questions regarding your case. Comfortable trusting the consultant, and satisfied with their responses?

Only choosing big companies
You may think that a bigger company is reputable. Big companies are always busy with their amount of cases. You may not receive the personalized attention you need. Many have multiple people attending to you alone. A salesperson will pass you onto backend personnel, and so on.

If we believe you stand a very low chance of attaining Singapore PR or Citizenship, we will not take your case, and waste your money. 100% Transparency, No Hidden Fees.
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