Posted on Jun 11, 2020

The Immigration People

At first glance, it looks easy. Fill out forms then send to ICA and hope for the best. However, these are the bare minimum.
Unlike other countries, Singapore has an opaque immigration admittance.When your application is rejected, no guidelines or reason will be provided. There are also no hard and fast rules as to how foreigners can better their chances for a successful application.
From Google surfing, you would come across the following:
• Getting Singapore PR depends on my salary
• Getting Singapore PR depends on my investments
• Working here longer means a better chance of getting PR
Fortunately, or unfortunately for you, the above is all true, to a certain extent.
ICA assesses a candidate holistically, based on the above, plus many other factors are taken into consideration.
If you want to make it easy to get that Singapore PR, focus on the quality of your application.
Applying for Singapore PR or Citizenship is not as easy as filling up forms. There are many others equally good, if not better, in the same age, occupation, salary, competing for limited vacancies.
Missing out details or not presenting it effectively could become a costly mistake.
An immigration consultant will save you that headache by walking with you throughout the application journey. Preparing and organising documents, and communicating your strong points accurately so you stand the best chance.
Speak to us, where we pride ethics and honesty. Have a chat with us and you will see the difference.
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