Posted on Jun 29, 2020

The Immigration People

Singapore World’s Most Competitive Country in 2020. Our strengths lie in robust international trade, availability of skilled talents and cutting-edge technology infrastructure.

Investments in tech and people increase resilience amid US-China tussle

The US-China rivalry on trade, cyber security and technology will sharpen. Singapore is more resilient by investing in technology and people. Having enough tech talent will weather the storm caused by rising tensions.

Tech Talents Are In

In Singapore, we require foreign talent to supplement the local workforce.These are: IT, AI, Data Science, Cyber-Security.

Employment Security

Amidst the Covid19 recession, foreign work pass holders were the earliest to get wage cut, or retrenched. This is because most government assistance given to employers are only for Singapore PR /Citizens. Having to pay high salaries, without getting support grants for expat employees, is worrying, especially for financially strapped employers.

Being a Singapore PR will empower you with employment security as you will be able to stay permanently in Singapore to pursue any jobs freely.

Don’t waste a good pandemic opportunity

Many foreigners are hesitant to apply due to the impact of Covid-19 on the economy, and from uncertainties in their employment. A good handful of potential candidates for Singapore PR have decreased. With less people applying, you would stand a much higher chance! Speak to TIP’s Immigration Consultants!
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